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The Molecule Man

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Photo of the Molecule Man in Berlin

The Molecule Man

The Molecule Man is a three-part sculpture by American artist Jonathan Borofsky, located on the River Spree. Each part of the sculpture represents a man made up of interconnected molecules. Borosky is well know for his obsession with molecules and multiple or large figures and his works span the globe. Check out his website here

History of the Molecule Man

In the 90's Berlin was still in the thralls of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and redesigning the River Spree - especially along the areas where the Wall stood - were regularly debated. With this in mind it was decided to accept this monumental piece of art which according to Borofsky represented "...the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence." This fed conveniently into the area which was on the border of three different Berlin districts and close to where the Berlin Wall ran.

Completed in 1999, it has become not just an obvious iconic symbol on the River Spree, but also one that most Berliners stop seeing. Odd as it comes across, the gigantic three figured monument tends to somehow blend in into the odd Berlin skyline. That is until you get up close!

Photo of a person standing  on the Molecule man on the River Spree in Berlin

There are a lot of great spots to get a view of the Molecule Man: both sides of the spree, two different bridges, a pool, and from a boat (standing on it optional).

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