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Olympic Stadium

Updated: Mar 21

The front of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin

The Olympic Stadium in Berlin is an imposing structure with a dark past, that today is a stadium for sports lovers and history enthusiasts alike.


A Glimpse into a Dark Past

Constructed under the shadow of the Nazi regime for the 1936 Summer Olympics, the Olympic Stadium is a striking example of the era's architectural ambition. Designed by Werner March, its grandeur and scale were intended to reflect the Third Reich's might and the timeless elegance of classical Greek structures.

Today, the stadium stands as a powerful reminder of history's darker chapters, transformed into a symbol of resilience and triumph over adversity. The stadium's design, with its sweeping curves, iconic colonnades, and the tall, slim Bell Tower, captures a unique blend of menace and beauty.

Modernization of the venue after the War preserved its historical design while incorporating cutting-edge facilities, ensuring it remains a world-class destination for athletes and fans with almost 75,000 seats.

Interior of the large Olympic Stadium in Berlin during a football match

Hertha Game, sir_james, Flickr


The Stage for Sporting Legends

Berlin's Olympic Stadium has played host to a parade of iconic sporting events, etching its name into the annals of athletic history. From the dramatic matches of the FIFA World Cup to the high stakes of UEFA Champions League finals, the stadium has witnessed the pinnacle of sporting achievement. It's also home to the local football team, Hertha BSC, where fans experience the game's thrill in a safe and passionate environment—albeit with a unique local rule that limits the beer sold to have an alcohol content of no more than 1.5%!


Beyond the Field: Visit the Stadium's Past

The significance of the Olympic Stadium transcends its sporting legacy. It serves as a memorial to the victims of war and a testament to the enduring spirit of peace and unity. The stadium offers a two-hour tour covering its Nazi and sporting history. The grounds are rather expansive, so save a little time and energy if you want the full immersive experience including the nearby Olympic Bell Tower.


A Must-Visit Landmark

Whether you're drawn by the allure of sporting triumphs, the depth of historical context, or the architectural beauty, the stadium promises a rich and memorable experience. As you wander through Berlin, make sure to include this iconic site in your itinerary—a testament to the city's indomitable spirit and its commitment to celebrating the best of humanity.


Visiting Berlin

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