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A front profile of Alexander La Rocca with the Berlin Wall in the background

In 2010 I moved to Berlin looking for a change of scenery and shortly thereafter I began working as a tour guide. Over the next 4 years while studying my History M.A. I showed Berlin to thousands of people in dozens of different tours until moving into the management side of tourism.


Here I began learning about the logistics and operations of organizing groups visiting the city as well as local events. When Corona hit in 2020 I moved into the SaaS world as a team lead giving me a great insight into how small and medium sized startups organize their company and team events.

Seeing that HR teams were often burdened with the task of setting up events, I set out to now help HR teams get the best team or company events organized.

Whether that be a personalized list of venues with additional information or support organizing an entire company event, I have the expertise and network to provide the best events possible. ​

  • What services are available at Your Trip Berlin?
    As an Event and Trip operator, I can organize a variety of events for your company or team in both German and English languages (others feel free to inquire) Offered Services Restaurant reservations and catering services Tours, Museum visits, Workshops, and similar activities Full-day itineraries Transport (taxis, coaches, etc.) Venues (including catering and other services on location) Not offered Accommodation Flights Planning for Political or Extremist Events or Concerts
  • What do my services cost?
    A Net Flat Rate (estimated hours) + Curation Fee (15% of activities booked) + VAT (MwSt) A non-refundable 50% deposit of the Flat Rate is required prior to starting arrangements. 1 Week before the event, the remaining 50% of the Flat Rate + Curation Fee will be required. All conditions will be contractually set and legally binding. If you or your business is located outside of the EU, a different payment structure may be required. We can discuss those details 🙂 *Please Note: If any additional requests arise in the course of planning (e.g. increase of participants, location change, date change, etc.), an agreed-upon increase of my Flat Rate may be charged.
  • What am I paying for?
    Short and sweet: you are paying to have an event or trip created based on your budget and knowledge of those you are arranging for. Generally speaking, after a free meeting with you, I will arrange for your trip or event within the budget and outlines you have requested. This will include first a draft itinerary and after feedback either another draft or moving into final organization of your trip or event.
  • How do I pay?
    Bank Transfer (Invoice) PayPal Credit Card (additional fees may apply)
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Note: a non-refundable 50% deposit of my Flat Rate Fee + VAT is required before I begin arrangements. The remaining 50% and Curation Fee + VAT is required up to 1 week before the start of the event. If the event is canceled within 1 week to 24 hours before the event, you will receive 100% of the Curation Fee in return. Any charges arising due to cancellations from booked vendors (e.g. coach companies, restaurants, workshops, tours, activities, etc.) are to be paid by you and will be sent promptly and without delay. If a cancellation is requested, all arrangements with all relevant vendors will be canceled by me.
  • How are e.g. activities, transport, venues etc. paid?
    We can discuss how to best handle such payments to ensure smooth planning as well as any relevant deposits, but generally the invoices or payments if necessary prior to the event are handled by you or your company. For company events, in 99% of cases invoices are directly sent to relevant HR or P&C departments or are paid on site by the respective party. Due to tax and liability reasons, I prefer not to invoice for arrangements and transfer myself. If required, we can discuss further on a case-by-case basis.

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