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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Berlin, Viktoria Park offers a unique blend of history and nature, with some wonderful surprises tucked inside.


The Prussian National Monument

At the core of Viktoria Park lies a monument that stands tall not just in stature but in historical significance—the Prussian National Monument. Erected to commemorate the Prussian victory over Napoleon in the Battle of Nations, this monument is a symbol of resilience and triumph. Climb its graceful steps to reach the summit, where you're rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Berlin's ever-evolving skyline. It's a perfect spot for reflection, photography, and soaking in the city's energy.


The Cascading Waterfall

The so-called "Giant Mountains" – located between Poland and the Czech Republic – was back in the 19th century the ultimate travel destination for nobles and wealthy Berliners whenever their free time allowed it. The idea for the waterfall came from the city park director, Hermann Mächtig. which is meant to be a replica of the Hainfall, located near the Giant Mountains. It was commissioned in 1888, by Kaiser Frederick III, and the park was subsequently named in honor of his English wife, Victoria.

With coarse rock fragments, the waterfall closely resembles its model though the difference is quite stark: The 24-meter-high waterfall here is located in the middle of a metropolis and draws its water from a pump.


Engage, Relax, and Explore

Besides being well-designated with picnic areas, recreational paths, and sports fields Viktoria Park also has a wonderful beer garden called Golgatha and a casual and smart restaurant in a villa called Tomasa. Whether for sunbathing, a birthday party, a short walk, or just a midday break, Viktoria Park offers numerous options.


Visiting Berlin

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