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Fun Things to Do on a Sunny Day in Berlin

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

A photo of the Insel der Jugend from Treptower Park in Berlin

Berlin is a city with so much to offer, and that's doubly true on a sunny day! There are endless options for outdoor activities, from exploring one of the dozens of parks to taking a leisurely stroll along the Spree River or the beautiful Landwehrkanal.


Ask any local what they want or are planning to do on a sunny day you can expect to hear “Relax in ____ Park”. Berlin has more than 2,500 parks and gardens and with a third of the city covered in green and watery spaces all Berliners take advantage of this whenever possible. Be sure to check out Tiergarten Park, Gleisdreieck Park, or Viktoriapark.

Flea Markets

Berliners love to discover hidden gems in the Used Market and the amount of flea markets matches that interest. You can find flea markets all over the city, but it is best advised to check online when the market you want to visit will take place. I highly suggest the Flowmarkt, Hallenflohmarkt in Alt-Treptow, Flea Market on the Street of the 17th of June, and Market on Marheinekeplatz.

Rent a Bike

Biking around Berlin is very common and easy. Even easier is getting a bike! There are numerous biking app services and bike rental shops all over town. If you want a great local tip check out Rent a Bike 44 in Berlin Neukölln, which will rent you a bike for 5€/day, but get there early as everyone else knows about this great deal.

Once you have the bike go check out Tempelhof Park or the Insel der Jugend (“Island of Youth”) in Treptower Park or ride along the Spree finding numerous new neighborhoods and have a picnic. The city is yours with a bike and every corner is in reach!

Go to a Lake

If the Berliner you asked earlier isn’t planning on going to a park, they are most definitely going to a lake (See in German). Berlin is not only packed with green spaces, but blue as well: 50 lakes, 3 rivers, and 8 canals. It is no surprise the origin word for Berlin means “Swamp City”! Pack some food, drinks, and a towel and head to any of the following: Krumme Lanke, Schlachtensee (direct S-Bahn connection), Müggelsee, Wannsee, or Tegeler See.

If you are traveling to a lake, best to keep that bike from earlier to get there and back or at least quicker to a train station. Alternatively you can also rent a boat with some friends and enjoy the Spree River. Many boat rental agencies do not require a license for rent, just a reservation ahead of time, but it is best to have some experience!

Still unsure of what to do after reading this? Check out these other articles or feel free to Contact Me if visiting Berlin to begin building a one of a kind trip to Berlin!


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