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Best Boat Trips in Berlin

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A Floß boat in Berlin on a sunny day on a river

The classic "Floß" in Berlin, Getrud K., Flickr


Boats Trips in Berlin

Berlin has history, nightlife, beautiful green spaces, and numerous options to enjoy its waterways. The Spree River, together with a network of scenic canals, forms the lifeline of Berlin's unique blue and green landscape.

It's no wonder that locals and visitors alike are drawn to the enchanting experience of cruising these waters. Boat trips in Berlin have become a favorite pastime, offering a blend of leisure, sightseeing, and celebration. Whether it's a birthday bash, a wedding party, a casual get-together with friends, raves, or numerous other occasions, celebrating on a boat adds a touch of magic and exclusivity to any occasion.


Spree Boat Tours

Taking a boat tour on the Spree is an absolute classic and belongs of course on any list. The go-to for this is Stern + Kreis which offers a variety of affordable routes all across Berlin on both the Landwehrkanal and the Spree River. Besides offering a central city tour and an evening tour, you can also visit some of the lakes surrounding the city on either a route along the Havel River or to the Großer Müggelsee.

Check out more here.

Empty chairs on the deck of a long boat in Berlin

Deck of a Stern und Kreis boat, Berliner Knipser, Flickr

Other boat companies are offering similar routes and the main Berlin website has a good summary of them. In my opinion though if you are looking for a relatively easy and quick activity - and don't speak German - then Stern + Kreis will offer you the best experience.


Floß Boats

If you are looking for a little independence though, a Floß (Raft) is the most sought-after for the casual Berliner looking to celebrate with friends or - if large enough - an event. Numerous companies are scattered across the Spree River offering routes to the Großer Müggelsee, along the Dahme River, various canal routes, the Havel River, and the Wannsee.

The benefits of a boat trip with a Floß are manyfold (though dependent on budget). Most can have grills and some kind of shelter, for the larger boats you can hire a skipper to drive, but most importantly all can Anker on the lakes so you can go for a swim.

A floß in berlin on the Spree River with men on it

Average Berliner Floß, Peter Nobis, Flickr

Another worthy mention for some - not all - of these boats is the possibility of a toilet on board. Having 10+ years of experience renting boats I will say most companies in the city are very solid, but here are some recommendations:

For those with the possibility of a higher budget or are planning an event Hauptstadtfloß is a great company

For the more casual boat day with friends Spreefloss and Floss und Los are solid options that won't break the bank (though are you welcome to).

For a blending of the two above - e.g. a casual larger birthday party with friends - I suggest the Beluga or Hopper.


No License Rentals

Another great reason to take a trip on a boat in Berlin is that for some you don't need a license. License-free driving is specifically for boats less than 15 meters long and that has a motor with 15 HP (PS in German) or less. If you are starting to get worried don't - there isn't much you can mix up as no boat company will rent you a boat if a license is required and you don't have one.

Though you may not need a license, a little bit of experience is suggested - parking can be a bit of a challenge - and the driver cannot be over the legal limit. Police patrol the waterways quite frequently, so be familiar with the rules and be safe.

A black slick boat on the Spree River

No-license boat ride, Frank Richert, Floatmagazin

At least twice a year I rent these kinds of boats so here are some personal suggestions:

Wasserkutsche is one of the coolest boat companies I have come across. They offer the standard Floß, a small boat with a canopy, and a small boat you can sleep on!

Spreeboote is a solid supplier with a slick and relaxed fleet of boats available in the center of town.

Water Lounge is another great and centrally located supplier with a large and straightforward fleet of Rafts.


Large Event Boats

If you are planning a company or team event, wedding, birthday party, or any kind of party and your budget is a bit higher then a boat trip in Berlin is an even better idea. Boats with a capacity between 50 - 270 people, catering, DJs, indoor and outdoor space, as well as high luxury are all available. Below are a few top suggestions:

Nice boats for 30 to 50 people

Berliner-Welle with the boat Golda

Haupstadtfloß with the boat Hansa

Boats for 50 -270 people

Spreedampfer with the MS Rhein

Party Boat with Lex-Event

Luxury Boats

Eventboot offers a relaxed raft and several yacht boats

Lieblingsyacht a well-designed boat for events wanting an image


Special Boats

Special is a bit difficult to define, but there are plenty of them. Take for example Havel-Logen which offers a so-called "Water Bike". Havel-Logen also offers SUPs and e-boats, but it is a bit outside of the city center of Berlin.

A bit closer to the city is the Badedampfer which offers both a jacuzzi boat and a sauna boat experience. Both are available in winter and summer, though going from experience I have found them better in the transition seasons when it isn't so warm or cold.

Though at a different pace than a boat, I also suggest enjoying a kayak or canoe on the Spree. Backstagetourism has a great location next to the Funkhaus and offers a nice tour of several river islands, including the beautiful Insel der Jugend.


Best Boat Trips in Berlin on Google Maps


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